Our Story

Before starting Grassfire Studios, wedding videography had a very different style. While most videos documented the big moments of the day - the ceremony, receiving line, and first dance - they didn’t include the unique moments that tend to fade into the background. For instance, the letters a bride and groom to write to each other before their first look. After all, your love story is much deeper than a single day.

With this vision, along with their combined passion for storytelling and technical background in filmmaking, our founders Preston and Justin knew they could do better.

Since then, we’ve grown a lot, both in team size and geographic location, but we’ve always stayed true to our belief that the “in-between” moments are just as important as everything else. In fact, it's truly what's come to set us apart. Along the way, we’ve come to realize they’re the difference between creating a handcrafted wedding film that’s truly unique and simply documenting a wedding day.

And it’s the reason hundreds of couples in Minneapolis, Fargo, and across the Midwest have trusted our team to capture their most important moments.