Love Stories, A Budget-Friendly Option For Couples

The #1 reason couples choose not to work with Grassfire Studios is cost. Most of our couples spend $3,000+ to capture their wedding day. That's why we also offer Love Stories.

They're a more cost-friendly option because they require less time to film, but still share the same trademarks, length, and emotion of our wedding day films.

Here's one of our most recent love story films, featuring Annika and Cole:


With a love story film, our team will capture you doing something you love together. Perhaps at the park walking your dog, you favorite brewery having a beer, or at your favorite roast house having a cup of coffee with a book in hand.

We’ll tell your love story through a casual interview that covers the important moments in your relationship. How did you meet? What do you remember about your first date? When did you say “I love you” - and who said it first?

We’ll capture the most important moments of your love story in a beautiful, handcrafted film. It’s the perfect way to help announce your engagement, share at your wedding reception, or make a keepsake you’ll cherish forever.