One Important Thing Only Video Can Capture At Your Wedding

For couples debating whether they want wedding videography, we often talk about the many significant moments and little details we capture in video throughout the day. 

But more than anything, couples tell us there’s one particular part of the day that can’t be replicated.

Your toasts.

While your vows make you officially married, your speeches or toasts are often the part that make it feel like it.

Couples tell us they’re the one part of the day they didn’t expect to   reflect on the way they did.

Speeches and toasts can make you laugh and make you cry. Many do both.

Most of the time, they’re filled with memories of friendship and camaraderie. They’re stories about growing up, learning about life, and finding your way with the people you care about most.

Here's one of our all-time favorite wedding "speeches" from earlier this year. Enjoy!