Guest Post: Wedding Videography Myths From A Past Bride

We're excited to feature a blog post from Amanda Hofland below. She regularly publishes on her own newlywed posts on her blog, Notes From A Newlywed. Amanda and her husband were also one of the very first couples to hire us to capture their wedding when we started Grassfire Studios. 

Amanda and her husband, Calan.

Amanda and her husband, Calan.

Chances are, this is the first time you’ve thought about hiring a videographer for your wedding, and because of that, you have a lot of unknowns. You don’t know what to expect, you don’t know if it’s worth it. You’re probably worried it will be weird. 

I’m here to tell you that you’re not crazy for those thoughts, but am glad to say that it’s really not so bad. In fact, it may very well be the best decision you make during your wedding planning process.

Let’s go over some of the most common concerns couples have before booking a videographer.

1.      Won’t it feel like the paparazzi are following us around all day long? No! Actually, quite the opposite. You’ll hardly even notice your videographers are there. A good cinematographer will get all the shots for the perfect video without invading your space. I only remember seeing my own videographers three times during the whole day, and they were all times I found a moment to sit down and observe what was going on. But sure enough, they got all the shots, and photos prove they were there – most of the time they just blended into the group of our guests. My maid of honor called Preston and Justin video ninjas! Trust us, you’re going to be so busy that day that a video camera will be the last thing on your mind. 

2.      Will you guys be in the room when I’m putting my dress on? Not unless you want them to be! Your videographers will respect your privacy and let you get dressed alone; they can join you again when you’re ready and get footage of you putting on your shoes and jewelry instead. They’ll follow your direction and make you as comfortable as they can while still doing their jobs. 

3.       Can’t I just have my cousin record the vows for free instead?  You could, but we really advise against that. I’ve read some horror stories of people who had one of their guests record the ceremony, and it just can’t compare to the quality you get from a pro. Having a guest record means you get their perspective as a guest, and they will probably want to enjoy watching the ceremony themselves and be hesitant to move around for different angles. Aside from the poor sound quality and shaky footage you get with a handheld camcorder, there are other distractions guests will have that hired pros won’t. In one review I read, the bride said that her uncle recorded the vows, but it cut out and was drowned out by his daughter who started throwing a tantrum just as he started filming. Another said that their dad filmed the reception, but he also wanted to dance, so their video is a shaky montage of the floor as he swung the camera around while shaking his groove thing. Yet another said that they got three straight hours of raw footage, so they ended up hiring a video editor anyway to make something out of it they can fit in watching. You can’t redo your wedding, so it’s best to get it right the first time. Personally, I never once regretted hiring the pros. 


4.       Our budget is tight; we’ll cut the video. I can think of so many other areas of a budget that can be cut over video. In hindsight, for my own wedding, I would have spent far less on centerpieces, flowers, welcome bags and those other small touches, because that’s not what mattered that day, and I can’t keep them to look back on. A wedding video is one of the few things you can keep forever as a keepsake. I recommend making an anniversary tradition of watching your video, and for me, hiring videographers was 100% worth it.


5.       Why should we do a wedding film instead of a traditional full capture wedding video? A wedding film is really like a short story of the best day of your life. Longer, linear videos can drag, and you should never want to fast forward through your wedding! Especially if you’re watching it with others, shorter films are more exciting and hold everyone’s attention – even strangers watching it! These days, everyone is so busy and attention spans are short, so a 3-12 minute film makes every second count. 

If you have any other concerns about booking a wedding videographer, definitely speak up and ask! We’d love to talk about it.