Guest Post: Why I’m Glad I Have a Wedding Video

We're excited to feature Amanda Hofland in our first How To Choose blog. She regularly publishes on her own, Notes From A Newlywed. Amanda and her husband were also one of the very first couples to hire us to capture their wedding when we started Grassfire Studios. Read her story and watch her wedding film below.

My wedding day was the best day of my life, but I barely remember most of it. As a bride, I was so caught up in getting ready, checking on details, wrangling the bridal party, greeting family members and worrying about tripping on my dress that I barely had a moment to just breathe. This is the single biggest reason I am incredibly thankful to have a wedding video. 

Those 5 minutes serve as evidence of how amazing my day was, and a reminder of who was there to share it with me. A day that became a blur is relived in every second of that video, and it perfectly captured my excitement, nervousness and joy from pre-ceremony to reception.

There are many moments I missed on my wedding day, but because of the video, I got to see my guests’ faces at key moments that I wasn’t able to see as they happened. My aunt and uncle, mom and dad beaming during the ceremony, our guests expectantly waiting before I even entered the church, my best friend’s toast at the reception and everybody dancing.

I’m thankful that all of our beloved friends and family are still with us, but I do know some friends whose loved ones have since passed on, and they cherish having those people on film to remember them by. I’m glad to have my own video to look back on long down the road when we don’t have all those family members still living.

While my loved ones are all still here, one vital component to my wedding day is now gone forever: the church that housed our ceremony. Around the same time my husband and I celebrated our first anniversary is when we heard the news that the historic church, a relic in North Dakota history that was part of the Bonanzaville museum, had caught on fire and was unable to be saved. As sad as I am to see that gorgeous church gone, I am so grateful to have it caught on video in all its gorgeous glory for the rest of time. That literally captured a glimpse in time and history. 

It also preserved our sweet young flower girl and ring bearer as children. When they grow older, go off to college and start families of their own, I’ll be able to watch them walk down that aisle as youngsters innocently carrying rings and placing petals between pews.

To this day, I cannot watch my wedding video without shedding a tear (OK fine, or five), because it stirs up all the emotions of that special day. The way Preston and Justin weaved our day in with music and flawless editing is just so beautiful and magical and I feel unbelievably happy every single time I hit play. 

That video is the story of the single best day of my life that I get to keep forever.

Watch Amanda and Calan's wedding film below.


If a genuine smile is the true test of love, it's clear that Amanda and Cal have a lot of it.